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Our Sunday Schedule is Worship Services at 9:00am (band-led) and 10:30am (traditional).
All are welcome!

Information about our Children's Church and Youth Group Events

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Pastor Strause will offer a Bible study starting in January, 2023 titled “Four Gospels-One Jesus.” The New Testament contains four different accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. While they each record important events in the life of Jesus, they do so in their own unique ways. Sometimes a gospel writer may include a story that others omit. Or one gospel writer may put the stories in a different order. Why did they do this? We’ll spend time examining each of the gospel authors and their work and try to find out the particular picture of Jesus they were trying to portray. By looking at each gospel we’ll seek to discover the one person they sought to proclaim.

The Bible study will meet each week on Thursdays (except the fourth Thursday of the month) and will have both an in-person and online component by Zoom. In-person will meet at 10:00 a.m. at the church and Zoom will meet at 6:30 pm. wherever you choose to log in. Please contact the church office for the zoom information. The first session will be held on Thursday, January 5.

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